The Spatcher application we have been working on for a long time is online!

What Does Spatcher Do?

  • With Spatcher, it’s easy to do sports now. With Spatcher, you can create your own team or join your friend’s team. In addition, if you want to try a new sport and need your teammate for this, you can provide it with Spatcher.
  • After creating your team or joining a team, it’s time to look for opponents. If you are tired of exercising with the same people all the time, or you cannot find a competitor for yourself, Spatcher will do it for you. On the Spatch page, you can see the teams that have advertised on the map by capturing your location on the map. Here you can find suitable teams for you, or you can post and competitors can see you. If you want to examine other teams, you can find them in the search section.
  • You can see past matches and see your upcoming matches on the home page.
  • After the matches, you can see the good moves taken from the match.
  • Young, talented players can show up here and be discovered by scout teams.
  • You can achieve success with future tournaments. As a result of these tournaments, you can earn money and take your name and team to the top.
  • Setting up a basketball court or astroturf can be a problem for many sports fans. With Spatcher, you can set up sports fields online and pay online. In addition, if you pay evenly, each player can pay their share with one click.
  • You can talk and communicate privately with the opponent team’s captains.
  • With Spatcher, you can design custom uniforms for your team and get sports equipment for your team.
  • They can use the Spatcher app to organize events at schools or companies.

You can find it here for iOS and here for Android.

You can access Spatcher’s social media accounts here. Do not forget to rate the application in the markets.

Images of the application are attached. If you share the features that you want to include in the Spatcher application with us, we can complete the developments and publish them as soon as possible.