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Android Change Icon

One of the most important features in an application is design. The user is most concerned with the design and accordingly the applications will score on its head. A lot of applications that are popular today spend a lot of material and time on design. If the icon seems to be very simple in terms of this design, it is actually very important. Because it actually represents practicing you entirely. For example, if you think of companies like Apple, Microsoft, Google, etc., the first thing that comes to mind is their icon. I will also talk about how to make the icon of our icon, which will represent our application in today’s writing, the icon of the application for Android.

You can change it very simply. You will need to do this for your app and we’ll change a few locations in the MainActivity section of the android section, but first we need to put our icon in the Drawable folder under Resources on our Android layer. Next we set up the icon part in Main activity to be the image file path we threw.

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