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Programs for Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurial people may have to do all they have to do first for their projects. It does everything from design to coding, to marketing. I would like to propose a few programs for these designs. These will be sites such as mock up tools, database association applications. Sometimes we need to know what we need, but we actually understand when we use it.

1- Trello

To be clear, I can not do without this site. I am going to do everything from being a little fishy memorized, I write everything here so I can change things on projects. If you are working as a team, you can make changes to the same panic with your friends. Because you are registering with your e-mail address, it allows you to check if there is a last day of an item in a panic by emailing them.

You can access Trello application here.

2- Proto

With this website you can extract mock-ups of your applications in a very convenient and very useful way. In this application where all kinds of components are available, you can easily arrange the shape you want. Once you have made it, you can assign functions to buttons or any object and see it live. You can see how your projects will work nicely. The only problem is that after 15 days of paid time. Of course you can also solve this problem with new google accounts.

You can find your Proto site here.

3- Canva

With this site you can prepare your banners. You can make your banner through a website without needing another program on this vantage point. You can be sure it will do a lot of work for you.

Directly from here.

4- Pixlr

If you want to edit an image, you can do it very easily with this site. For example, if you want to show a picture as a circle, or if you want to save it as an icon in the background without a plan, it’s for you. You can perform your tasks without downloading Photoshop or learning.

You can get it here.


If you have an idea and you want to turn it into a business model, you can do it easily with offers you this application free of charge and allows you to put your business model on paper. You can access this web application here.

6- Ditto

Keeps a copy of what you copy on a pod and keeps everything you copied for you. In this way, you can not only lose your important information but also re-glue it very easily. Especially if you are writing code, you can be sure it will work.


If there are similar applications or web sites that you have used in you, comment out and benefit everyone.

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