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Label Character Limit

Hello friends, in this article we will talk about how to character limit the label with Xamarin.Forms. So if you think this will work for our business: you get the data in a list and you have to label the values in that data. Some of these texts may be very long, while others may be short in length. There is a very nice feature for this label. This property is LineBreakMode. With this feature, you can cut out a place you want to write and show it as a line.

1- Head Truncation

If you use the Head Truncation feature of the Label, the label also shows the head of the text to be displayed as dots, and the codes to the left of the field.

2- Middle Truncation

This feature shows up on the single line, taking the words from the beginning and end of the text to be displayed on the Label.

3- Tail Truncation

Finally, it shows the beginning of the text and the other area as dots.

If these things do not work, there are other options besides these features, you can use them as well.

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