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Visual Studio Code Installation for Mac

The Visual Studio Code was developed by Microsoft; It is a source code editor that supports Linux, MacOS and Windows. It is a lightweight and useful editor, which has become popular in recent times. I think that if you need size, you have to be in every device with speed. In this article I will talk about how to install Visual Studio Code on a Mac device. Normally, Mac users download and install many programs from the AppStore because they are both reliable and easy. But Visual Studio is not available in the Code App Store. We need to download this from the internet. You can download it here.

When you download the file a zip file of approximately 67 MB will be downloaded. In fact, you open the zip file which is downloaded very simply. Within a few seconds, a file will be extracted from the zip file. The resulting file is Visual Studio Code. When you open this file you can work with Visual Studio Code.

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