SwiftUI Camera & Gallery

Hello friends, in this article, we will look at topics such as how to take photos with SwiftUI and choose photos from the gallery. There is currently no control on SwiftUI side for these processes, which we use in almost many projects. That’s why we need to do this with UIKit. When we want to […]

Xamarin Forms Camera ( Media.Plugin )

I will talk to you about the solution of a mistake I have often taken in this writing recently. Especially recently, we had to give a few more details to include the Media.Plugin, which we used in Xamarin Forms to shoot videos and photos, into the project. If I did not make these settings, my […]

Xamarin Camera

One of the features we use the most in mobile apps is the camera feature. It is the features we use the most, whether you need to take pictures or shoot video. In Xamarin Forms, you need to load a few packages to open the camera. Open the project and right click on the solution […]