Swift Var and Let

Defining variables is one of the top priorities in a programming language. Because we keep almost all the values different. There are two easiest ways to do this in Swift let and var you can easily define variables with variables. The difference between these two types of variables is that if you ask, what is […]

Installing Visual Studio For Mac

If you have a MacOS device and want to develop software with Microsoft technologies, or if you are dealing with a mobile application developer or Xamarin, you have to install Visual Studio For Mac. Of course, it will make you feel much more comfortable with Visual Studio than with Windows. Visual Studio for Mac, which […]

Mac Connection with Visual Studio

One of the main reasons for using Xamarin is that we do not work cross-platform. This is the side that separates Xamarin from other platforms. We can compile Android and UWP platforms very easily. It is not so easy for us to say this for loser iOS. We need to have a MacOS device for […]

Opening .Net Core Project

In this article I will talk about how we will build a project on the Asp.Net Core platform, which we hear a lot now. In my previous article I gave you some information about Asp.Net Core. If you want to create a .Net Core project, you have to decide which platform you will be creating […]