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Azure Services

Azure is a cloud service built by Microsoft in 2008. During the first outing, the name was Windows Azure. Azure is a cloud computing platform that provides a wide variety of internet services to describe in brief. Currently, Azure offers hundreds of free services under the name Microsoft Image.

What I am talking about in this article will be on Cognitive Services in Azure. Today, the cognitive services included in every project can be easily integrated into our projects by Azure. If you want to understand, view, comment and comment on the feelings of users in your projects, you should include Azure’s natural language processing algorithms in your projects. If we need to talk about these services, we can collect them under 5 main headings. These;

  • Image recognition
  • Speech Recognition
  • Knowledge Recognition
  • Search
  • Language

as classified.

Image Recognition intelligently identifies, controls, and adds descriptive subtitles to photos with image processing algorithms. You can use the subtitles in your projects to interpret the user and put something in front of them. Image Recognition also has many subcategories within it. If you need to list them;

  • Image Processing API
  • Face API
  • Content Moderator
  • Emotion Recognition API
  • Custom Vision Service
  • Video Indexer

Speech Recognition is a service that transforms voice conversation into a text, uses features in verification processes, and assigns speakers to the application. Speech is divided into subgroups in my definition.

  • Translator Speech Recognition API
  • Speaker Recognition API
  • Bing Speech Recognition API
  • Private Speech Service

The Information Recognition service is a service that performs tasks such as intelligent suggestions and semantic search according to the entered or received information from the user. In fact, the service that will benefit our business from any project has its own sub-titles. These;

  • Question Answer API
  • Custom Decision API

You can also extract millions of websites, photos and videos by adding a single API call to projects with the Search API added. We use this API to get from Bing. There are also many sub-categories that are divided into subcategories as news, video, photo.

Lastly, speaking of language service, this service allows you to understand the natural language processing of your applications, evaluate approaches, and what users want with prebuilt scripts. Currently very popular LUIS.AI is one of the subcategories of the language processing service. It is an indispensable blessing especially for ChatBots. If we look at the subcategories;

  • Language Understanding (LUIS)
  • Bing Spell Check API
  • Web Language Model API
  • Text Analysis API
  • Translator Text Recognition API
  • Language Analysis API

Some services may be preview versions at this time, they are not a problem for you. Soon I’ll share with you how we will integrate these services into our mobile applications. If you want more detailed information, you can get it here. If you have any questions, you can reach us by comment or mail.

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