How to Create Project With MAUI

Hello friends, in this article we will talk about how to create a project with MAUI. First of all, for those who ask what is MAUI, you can reach the Medium article I wrote before here. As it is known, MAUI will come with .Net 6. Preview versions are currently available. We will also create […]

Xamarin Forms Changing iOS Icon

The most important part of an application is its design. Although it is nice, it is not long-lasting to use as long as the user does not like the design. Of course, it is also the first icon in design. In this article, I will talk about how to change the icons of b applications […]

Installing Visual Studio For Mac

If you have a MacOS device and want to develop software with Microsoft technologies, or if you are dealing with a mobile application developer or Xamarin, you have to install Visual Studio For Mac. Of course, it will make you feel much more comfortable with Visual Studio than with Windows. Visual Studio for Mac, which […]

Xamarin and Cognitive Service (Part 1)

In this article I will try to explain how to incorporate Cognitive Services in Azure into my Xamarin Forms project. First we open our project. We need to install packages in the project and we do not have to install them. After clicking on Manage Nuget Package Manager in the portable layer, we need to […]

Azure Services

Azure is a cloud service built by Microsoft in 2008. During the first outing, the name was Windows Azure. Azure is a cloud computing platform that provides a wide variety of internet services to describe in brief. Currently, Azure offers hundreds of free services under the name Microsoft Image. What I am talking about in […]

Creating A New Project in Visual Studio Code

Sometimes you have already wrote a project and you just wanna edit it or you wanna write code with a another platform.So briefly we don’t wanna setup Visual Studio.Maybe there won’t be enough place to setup on your computer. For that , Microsoft offer us to Visual Studio Code. With this editor , we can […]

What is .Net Core?

After Satya Nadella took over Microsoft, cross-platform was prioritized. However, Microsoft went to configure software languages in a way that could be used on other platforms as well. For example, Visual Studio for Mac for MacOS would be a good example. Apart from this, Visual Studio Code can be run on Linux, Windows and MacOS […]

20th Day in Microsoft

The excitement of Microsoft’s last day’s sadness and final presentation was together. There was a bit of fatigue, but when you get excited, you can get rid of fatigue. There will be another presentation in the morning. It’s like a preliminary elimination. I only changed the demo in my presentations. Because in yesterday’s demo I […]

18th Day in Microsoft

I noticed that I got so used to the last day when I got one more day. There are 5 differences when love is laughing. I only wish very nice friendships and established friendships here. The incredible friendly atmosphere was incredible. Do you have any experience reading your experiences here, not applying to Microsoft. If […]

16th Day in Microsoft

I started the first day of the last weekend of my Microsoft adventure. I’m a little nervous. Maybe this is the last Monday for Microsoft syndrome. I spent 90 minutes in the morning in the morning and then arrived at the office. After making our breakfast as the first speaker of the day the Human […]