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10th Day in Microsoft

After Mehmet Nane‘s speech yesterday, you will present your projects ready for today and we will continue with it or say that they will propose to change the progeny. When I went home in the evening, I started to prepare the presentation. We did not want much anyway, we had a 2 minute presentation. Bussines Canvas Model, project idea, value associations, stroyboard, road map slides were wanted. Most of my slides were ready but I wanted to put the demos of my slide application. I can not log in at night because I do not think there would be any time when they would use it. It took me an hour to understand that it was the change I made in the morning as a result of long struggles. I solved the problem and finished the slide. There was Microsoft Solution Sales Expert Kürşat Gök as a speaker. He talked about his career and his education. He told me how he moved from engineering to sales. He’s been working in Microsoft for a long time. Hasret Soysal is a trainee from Kürşat Gök. When they spent time together they told troubles. Hasret Soysal talked about how difficult it was while explaining that the excel document that he developed was still used, sometimes working until late at night. He saw that he was a trainee in a lot of departments and that he gave everything he wanted and decided what he wanted to work on. Kürşat Gök told us more about what we wanted to hear about what he was looking for while taking a new intern, how he asked questions in the interviews and how he expected answers to these questions. He talked about what it takes to be successful in the sales business. The presentation in the morning also took on the slight tension we had.


Following his presentation, Osman Seçkin Karabaş, a Senior Consultant at TCM, will present the Building Mobile Backend. I actually linked to a database on Azure in the project, so it was the ones that really appealed to me. Although I know these things, I have carefully listened to them again for the purpose. I understand that there are other places to use in the project. We made a demo over Traditional Xamarin because it’s a bug in Xamarin.Forms on your computer. It was a very informative presentation.

After lunch everyone was going to present his own project. No one was excited as far as his own line. We gathered the presentations via SharePoint and everyone will start making presentations in 2 minutes. Tersten came to me faster because he started by name. I think my project presentation is going well. İbrahim Kivanc said that he liked the value proposition very much. Because I had a demo ready, I could express it very comfortably. That was my most positive part. When I asked where the database was, I told them that I had them in Azure as they wanted. Behice Funda Galatasaray I and Ibrahim Kıvanç We were with Fenerbahçe and Behice Funda had a little fun with us. Overall I think my presentation is good, but I appreciate your jury. The rest of our friends will make their presentations on Monday because it is not enough.


As the evening speaker, Mustafa Acungil, Director of Bilge Adam came. He talked about how internal and external factors in our business affect us. He talked about business life and difficulties in general. When such technical people talk, we talk about how to ask questions when hiring, but most of the people who come to the Microsoft Open Academy have their own idea, they have dreams of starting up. I hope it all happens. This is the second week. We will have some rest at the end of the week but I will be practicing the tactic given by İbrahim Kıvanç. I will be working 6 days a week and I will only have 1 day of my own hobbies. Everyone has a good weekend.

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  • Batuhansays:

    Sunday August 13th, 2017 at 07:22 PM

    Yazı harika olmuş.Emeğine sağlık 🙂
    Ancak “Behice Funda Galatasaraylı ben ve İbrahim Kıvanç Fenerbahçe’li olduğumuz için Behice Funda biraz eğlendi bizle. ” kısmında Galatasaray’ın baş harfi küçük kalmış 🙂 Saygılar 😀

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