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9th Day in Microsoft

Now the insomnia is starting to push hard. I’m trying to stop sleeping 5 hours a day. It’s 3 hours past the subway, but everything is up to the Microsoft office. Seeing the environment and new ideas, technology does not really sleep or sleep. Of course, drinking 3 cups of coffee also helps. I would also come early and look at the project but it is already running and the morning speaker is trying to figure out what I did the day before. Işıl Hasdemir was the speaker of the morning today. First of all, Işıl Hasdemir introduced himself as the General Manager of NCR and someone who worked at Cisco in the beginning. The first time I saw it, my blood was warm. I understand why he later played basketball in his past. It was understood from its proper physics. NCR is a company that produces most of the ATMs in Shan. Since he was an old basketball player, he also gave importance to the importance of team play in business life and advised us about it. He talked about objectively evaluating ourselves and keeping a diary. We must first recognize ourselves and be self-confident.

Emrah Uslu was there after the morning presentation. Azure Paas was going to study. This training includes;

  • App Service : Web Apps  , Mobile Apps,  Logic Apps , Api Apps
  • Service Fabric : Microservices
  • Functions : Bir metod yazıp bir çok yerden çağırabileceğimiz metodlardır.
  • Cloud Services :Notification göndermek için bir çok servis bulunmaktadır.

You can reach presentations from the link here

To be able to do these things you must have a Azure account. I had a DreamSpark account with the e-mail account that the university gave me but I had to upgrade to use these services. Another solution is that if you enter your credit card information, Microsoft will open a trial account with a budget of 730 TL. I do not trust my credit card If you do not like billing high income, you can search the virtual card and open a trial account with it. Be sure to use Azure. The common discourse of every speaker coming will be on the cloud.

After lunch we made a demo using Cognitive Service over azure. We created a service that takes tweeted tweets for any hashtag and assigns it to the desired mail address via Twitter, and it worked very well. I see it as a service you can use in every application. If you search for Cognitive Services, you will see that the sea is deep.

As the evening speaker, Pegasus CEO Mehmet Nane came. Normally Microsoft changed the speakers every year, but this year it was called back because it was from the most popular speakers of the past year. After the presentation is over, you understand why you were already invited back. He started by telling me what you want to hear before starting to present. We told them what we wanted. Mehmet Nane gave examples of his own life and started to present. He graduated from an American high school and studied at the American University. He was starting his internship at one of the biggest banks of his time in college. When working in the General Directorate, a great job was required in English and almost no one in the institution knew. Although Mehmet Nane has finished his internship and did not want to go back to school, his principals did not leave this job saying that it would not work. In fact, we can get out of here: we will see how much we invest in ourselves in the future. The presentation of Mehmet Nane was so sincere and intrinsic that we were in the meeting with questions and answers during the presentation period.

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