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8th Day in Microsoft

In the early morning hours of sleep a bit stuck way I have Microsoft office in Turkey. In the morning, after completing my breakfast with the classic breakfast, I made some more work for the project. We waited for the next speaker to be polled afterwards. Today’s morning speaker was Danone General Manager Gamze Cuhadaroglu. The theme of the presentation was “Corporate Goodness”. He talked about the ecological problems of our world and told us that it would be more accurate to buy the products of companies that aim to protect our earth and make it a better place instead of buying products from companies that break it down. In America, the second-hand clothes campaign of the apparel company Patagonia is one of the best examples of this. In the question-answer part of the presentation, he said that during the crisis of the GMOs that we have been through the past, a journalist had done a scouring work and that he invited it to my country to review his products but the journalist did not come.



After the morning presentation, there was Koray Kocabaş who was again MVP. It was about the presentation Big Data. He said that nowadays, information is paid rather than applications. No matter how good an application is, it sets the value of the application to the users and their information. Big Data is to extract information and meaning from big data. Koray Kocabaş‘da experts and experts in this subject, for example, a single engine of a plane collects 2.5 billion data. It is important to extract information from these data.

After lunch, Abdullah Altıntaş made demos to show us a few examples.


The last speaker of the day was Ufuk Tarhan. Ufuk Tarhan was chosen as one of the 100 people to be followed by Twitter in the past. It is also the founder of the Futurists’ Association. It is one of the most successful business women in the IT industry. He mentioned that disciplined work can be accomplished in a shorter way. After his presentation, he signed a few books to his book, T-Insan, and gave it to him.

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