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7th Day in Microsoft

Now I’m used to waking up early in the morning. I have not woken up before 10 o’clock for about 2 years and I was looking at sleep after 6 as a waste of time. Because the common sentence of every speaker who comes is “Work”. Nothing happens before I work. I was in office as 08:00 as it was the days before. I had to do something because our projects were time-limited. I went early in the morning and made new additions to the project. Today’s first speaker was Turkcell former Deputy General Manager Selen Koçbaş. He talked about how he got here in his education, in his education. In conversation; I want to share a few sentiments that are of interest to me. “Everything wants labor!”, “Be open to learning!” , “Manage your time and energy well!”. We thank him for this conversation.

After Selen Koçbaş‘s presentation, there was Ibrahim Kivanc, one of my favorite trainers. I should have said it, but it is worth repeating; Software Development Engineer itself. Today’s presentation will tell us about a newer technology: Chat Bot. Chat Bots are seen as primitive artificial intelligences. In fact, evolution is a combination of applications and artificial intelligence. Ibrahim Kivanc has told us what contribution chatbots will do to us and how it will make our life easier. He showed a few examples through Skype. Very useful technology. We can handle everything we look for through chatbots. If we need to give an example, we can order our favorite pizza to our house by just throwing pizza emoji through the facebook messenger. As an example, instead of searching for images in Google, you can send us pictures by typing the name of the image we are looking for in Skype via ChatBot. I leave a few examples here

  • MSbot Translator : It is a chatbot that allows you to translate the sentence instantly and send you a message.
  • Murphy : It’s a face joining bot. It combines the faces of two people you want with each other.
  • Caption Bot : We write what we have in a picture as a message.
  • Bing Images : This bot will send you a photo of the object you are writing or about the person….
  • MemeCat : This bot will allow you to write under and over the photo you want.  Through this site you can find chatbots that will make your business easier. Now I can show you a few examples.


Ahmet Emre Ceyhan, the winner of Microsoft Summer School last year. He became champion by doing chatbot. Project; It was about to check remote objects with chatbots. It has been a very successful project and they are working on this company. After these presentations, it was lunch break. After that we would be Engin Polat, who was an MVP. Lunch breaks are actually one hour but after many people have eaten and rested for 30 minutes after spending the rest of the meal, they spend the rest of their time on their own project.


After lunch, Engin Polat arrived. Today’s presentation will be about ASP.Net Core. He started by talking about why he needed such technology for his presentation. Actually it got really deep and how the website works, Async & Await issues to us with many expressions like Angular. Perhaps it was one of the narratives I listened to most fondly. It was not only with its own thread, but also about proccess and thread. After Engin Polat, Cavit Yantaç, who did not grow up in his presentation yesterday, came to answer the question.



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