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6th Day in Microsoft

At the end of the first week, we have started the second week. It was already tiring last week, it looks like it will be tiring even more this week. The trainings are getting hot. The time is moving on. There are problems that we can not solve, but we will come from the top. 2. opening speech of the Deputy General Manager of Microsoft Turkey had also Cheif week and the Evangelical Cavit Yantaç. He told us about his career. He talked about how he got into Microsoft, what he did here, and how he got up. He advises new graduates to improve themselves as much as possible. In his presentation about machine learning, he talked about the fact that his workforce would gradually decrease and people working there had to be educated and turned to other sectors. For example, let’s imagine that there are 100,000 trucks in our country. As the machines learn, artificial intelligence evolves, the trucks will go on their own. 100,000 people are going to be out of work here. At the same time, resting places in the buses will not be used here because the truckers’ work is over. Actually, I think that learning machine will be very damaging to my country. A lot of work will be done. People who are unemployed will have to turn to the work of our day, but it is not known how much we can do it. Artificial intelligence does not only have bad sides, but maybe we can find solutions to cancers with artificial intelligence. There may be a solution for illnesses that can not be diagnosed more often. It can start to starve. We need to use artificial intelligence to learn the machine. I would like to thank Cavit Yantaç for making this presentation.

After Cavit Yantaç‘s presentation, I was going to listen to Xamarini, the focus note in his own project, from the best-known man of this technology. Yiğit Ozaksüt. I’ve watched lessons from open academy on YouTube before. You can reach here. First he talked about the definition of xamarin. He explained his history and what he needed to come up with. Actually it was fun. You can read this in Xamarin’s introduction. Later I mentioned the page types. After we talked about page types, we talked about controls and made an implementation. It was lunch time. After I ate the food I caught Yigit Özaksüt alone. I would deal with the problems that I could not resolve in the project individually. It was of special interest not only to me, but also to everyone who was questionable. He’s a very warm person. When he hired you mentioned what he was paying attention to, and what is actually Xamarin? How does it work first when you press F5? Why does it work first? he asked about such questions. Education Web Service finished by writing.

As the evening speaker, after 6 years of Apple’s team leadership of the software section of Iphone cameras, Serhan Ulubaş, the founder of IMG Pro, followed his own dream. He first mentioned the training he received. After studying at Boğaziçi University, he went abroad afterwards. When he realized he could not rise further on Apple, he opened his own dream company. More questions and answers in the form of the presentation, “Why do not you open your Startup America in Turkey,” he mentioned that in the United States lagged far behind that of the entrepreneurship ecosystem by ecosystem in Turkey when it comes to questions. At the moment the company is in the growth phase and the Turkish engineers will take it later. He mentioned that he would help as much as he could if he could add it to Linkedin. The day was well done with this presentation.


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