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5th Day in Microsoft

Week 4 as the rest of the day in the morning hours of 08: Microsoft Turkey were in office at 45. Breakfast Renaissance Although it is not the same as in the hotel, a place with a view of technology is always more beautiful. In the morning there was Gökşin Bakır as his speaker. He is working as Independent Software Vendor Lead in Microsoft Middle East & Africa region. It started with the question of how you started this career that all students were curious about. The main presentation was on Blockchain. He shared his research with us and explained the technologies used.

After the presentation of Gökşin Bakır, Engin Polat, who had 2 MVPs, came. It is in 1.2% part. Yesterday, Yiğit Ozaksüt is based on C # education, which we have been describing deeply today. I think I will make it easier on projects that I actually do when I go over the topics that I see and do not use very much at the university. We are doing both fun and educational presentation until lunch. We are asking questions between our meals because of the intensive training. After lunch, we are logging in to the Xamarin technology, a technology that I am very interested in and will develop. When we create a project, we compare the types of projects we face. After creating the project, we tell them which emulators to use and turn off Hyper-V technology. I am passing this because I am using Visual Studio Emulator. As a result, we have also entered Xamarin.

The last speaker of the day and the week was Dilara Keçeci. He himself has been sitting in this lineup and at the same time an MSP. Teleporter VR has achieved many successes both at home and abroad. He talked about the ways past. He talked about what needs to be done to set up a start up, how we should resolve the problems that may arise. This was the first week of summer school.

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