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11th Day in Microsoft

I had a chance to get some rest over the weekend after two weeks of exhausting. I started playing basketball on Saturday with a finger hurt in the new week. I was in the office early in the morning. A few of my friends had web service connectivity issues on Xamarin. I tried to help as much as I could. I also saw that Windows works better on Mac machines. There was Azra Kohen, the writer of the book Fi, Çi, Pi, which everybody was curious about for the morning talk. He did not really talk about his books. More stories about humanity. He talked about how we could bring the world to a better place. What I have in mind is how the brain works and nutrition. You can imagine why a writer would go into such matters. I thought about it and we asked. Perhaps one of the most beautiful aspects of Microsoft is perhaps this. He said he could not know other lives without knowing himself. That’s why people are trying to understand the world. Other topics he talked about were nutrition. Having done research on cancer and many other diseases, I was able to give my attention to Azra Kohen. As far as the free radicals of cancer formation, Azra Kohen said that we should pay more attention to this. Since we did not mention his books in the conversation, we asked questions in the question-answer section. I did not read the book and did not follow the sequence, so there was no idea. However, my friends who have done both made such a decision because Azra Kohen knew that he wanted to do this and that the book would not be reflected in the book anyway. We also suggested that we watch the Genius sequence as a series recommendation.


After morning presentation, Ibrahim Kivanc had training in Microsoft Cognitive Services. I’ve been training for the rest of the weekend. We had a month here, and the more new technology we can learn, the more likely we are. What is Cognitive Services? I’ll start with that first. Cognitive services aims to solve people’s problems mechanically using APIs that we can use in our artificial intelligence applications. Today, we can solve many problems by searching for customer service. In the future, these technologies will replace those technologies. As I mentioned before, artificial intelligence has good and bad aspects as well as everything. Here it turns out how we will use it in the circuit. After lunch we developed applications with demolar. I leave the resources we use here. Maybe you will benefit.


The last speaker of the first day of the third week was Ercüment Büyükşener. He is a Digital Communication Advisor and a lecturer at Bilgi University. He will tell us about Digital Transformation and Disruptive Innovation in this evening’s presentation. There have been many revolutions in our world, but there have been hundreds of years of time between these revolutions. When we looked at the last hundred years, he talked about the fact that the technological revolutions were very fast and that everything went digital. With digitalization, the number of people working in many sectors has decreased. Although it is bad for people working in that sector, our life has been incredibly easy. To give an example, the television is almost over. Journalism reporting is almost over. Now everything is on the social media. Even news broadcasted on TVs are being broadcasted from our phones. Reporters are not taking anymore. He talked about his own child. Nowadays told me that the technology was born inside. I also questioned myself. I learn all the information I get from social media. I spend most of my day in these circles. I’ve always been around here for not having many opportunities. I am grateful to Ercüment Büyükşener for this beautiful and informative presentation.

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