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12th Day in Microsoft

On the 2nd day of this week I got up early in the morning and fell back on the roads. It is nice to come with metro but the only annoyance is cherry – the new door metro line. It’s like death, but nobody’s dead. That’s exactly like that. When you come to the office, you forget everything. Instead of the airy and warm atmosphere of Metronun, the office is spacious and gets 18 degrees cooler. At first I bumped into air conditioning but I got used to it. The first speaker comes in the morning when we have breakfast and have breakfast in our morning. Timur Sırt. Journalists themselves. He’s a journalist, but he’s a journalist. I saw that the technology is very good with respect to age. He gave information about entrepreneurship. We talked about the importance of reputation in business. The first CD-ROMs remove infected in Turkey. After this big mistake he made a virus program. It was a very entertaining presentation.

After the morning presentation, Iot’s legend, a MVP comes, Umut Erkal comes. Umut Erkal has achieved many inventions with IOT and 3D printer. It makes cake very easily with your meeting. Of course this cake making thing means we can do everything with technology. He is now so advanced in these matters that he does not buy any external material. He draws and produces everything he needs. In the past days we had a phone fixer but could only fix it on the floor. After 2 weeks, I saw the next model, and in this model the phone could be fixed in an upright position. Hated by this, Umut Erkal designed his own phone stabilizer and ridden it with a 3D printer. He talks about the technology of your future. Now big stores will sell only models that will not sell Goods, tools and equipment, and we will take these models and print them in our 3D printer. Now, with this technology, much bigger things are already being done. For example, even houses can now be produced with this technology. Other applications mentioned are EggMinder; egg-hopping project was an application that could show you how many eggs you have left in your house and their weight. Some of you may think what you need, but the important thing here is to watch everything from a distance and tell you that we are in touch with all the objects.


As the evening speaker, Hasan Özdemir who came to us while playing table tennis in the morning and who was very friendly and communicated with us came. We call him Hasan brother. He was one of the most cordial people I’ve ever seen in my life. When you come to the presentation, you already feel this energy when you go out on the stage. Hasan brother did not excuse them despite the fact that he was visibly impaired in his life. Do not ask, very willing. He wanted to read a book by himself in school time. He even tells me this with a joke saying, “My friends are now escaping from me to read books.” He needed books to get information. He is a character who constantly wants to learn new information. Binary relationships are incredibly beautiful, and of course I do not mind talking about software knowledge. He learned the software from books again. Although he did not like the software very much, he went to Ösym’s saint and studied literature at university. Before that time, he had made preferences before he took the university entrance exam and won the literature department for his luck. If I do not remember wrong, he finished this part for 8 years but even when he went to class, he wrote the code altogether. There is an audio library application in the Windows store and I do not remember the number but there are thousands of books. You can reach them both in voice and written form. He said that he could not come to one place on the march, that success was only work. It is one of the most beautiful presentations I have heard. I would like to thank Hasan Özdemir, Hasan Ağabey, for this beautiful presentation. If you would like to know more about him, you can find it here.

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