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13th Day in Microsoft

Every day I get a little closer to the final day and my drink is a little sad. We are trying to raise the project because it is approaching the final time. The project is also working, but I have to integrate design changes and a few more features. I was in the office again in the morning. I come a little early so I grab a place from the front. I ate our classicized pretzels. I tried to have my coffee and sleep for 5 hours. Burak Büyükdemir, the founder of Etohum, arrived for the presentation in the morning. Since everyone is an initiative, a presentation has been made that very closely relates to us. He made a comparison of the values ​​given to the initiatives in our country and in America and explained what they did with the company they built. He talked about where he should go and where he should go in order for an initiative to be successful. After the presentation, Etohuma sent us a proposal and we passed without pre-evaluation. They said they were very helpful to the initiatives. I think at least you have a chance to chat even if you are at the stage of the idea without progeny. Be sure that it will benefit you a lot. We would like to thank Burak Büyükdemir for his presentation.

Some remembrance words;

  • “If you do not have an idea, you can not start! You will have your opinion and you will know where to go!”
  • “No wind can not help the captain who does not know his direction! “


Today’s educator was an incredibly popular gentleman with a full gentleman, full software master, Engin Polat, who had MVP in 2 places. You can see during the lessons how much you love doing this job. He’s making his presentations so much fun that we do not want to miss a single moment. The subject of today’s presentation was Unity 3D. I have already listened to project presentations and there were a few projects that I liked very much. I was going to try to get it for you. It came right in and the lesson started. First, he told us which version of Unity we should use, and then we opened a 3D project. We started to create objects with 3D objects here. At the sample angle we tried to pack a tank of two rectangular cylinders and it looked like a tank, even if it was light. Then we can choose a map from Terrain.Party to integrate the shape of this place into our earth to add it into the earth globe. Once we’ve done the ground sphere, it’s time to put the motion field back. They told all of them in a very nice way. If you want to play a game. I suggest that you definitely follow Engin Polat‘s lessons.


In the after-training, Barış Ceviz came and introduced us HoloLens. I can not explain this eyeglass that Microsoft has done. Writing is the fire, the presence of the wheel, these are the glasses of today’s revolution. Watch a few videos from YouTube, and you’ll understand what I mean. Maybe there’s no need for an electronic device anymore. This technology is not really described with words. You definitely watch a few videos.

The evening presentation was Meltem Cakir‘s Emotional Branding, a Brand and Communication Consultant. When America was having a hard time, he talked to Verizon about doing great work by tapping the hearts of people and publishing an ad that intended to bring unhappy people who were desperate and not just advertising. In fact, he talked about the fact that advertisements do not come from images that are just time-consuming, which is similar to that of televisions, and that sometimes you can do a little action that you can do more than ads on television. In fact, he told us that we could be much more successful people if we did everything in this way. We thank him for this presentation.

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