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14th Day in Microsoft

I was in the office early in the morning. I was trying to change the desing in the project while doing the classic breakfast. Of course it did not grow again an the presentation started. We do not know each other to make speeches, but when we walk in, the march and stance clearly show itself. Again, one of those arrivals was happening and it appeared shortly after I was not mistaken. Akbank CEO Hakan Binbaşgil came. There was little time for much to tell, and we decided to go in the form of direct question-and-answer to assess it best. Instead of IT in the banking sector, Bitcoin and so on. we asked everything about the other currencies. In the past, Akbank faced a cyber attack and suffered minor damage. Hakan Binbaşgil stated that they are attacking every day, adding that they are taking measures and they are very safe now. He has already been working with Blockchain technology and has made several submissions abroad. Every incoming speaker does not always explain their successes, we ask them how they decide on difficult situations, what they watch when making a decision, and how they handle these difficult situations. Hakan binbaşgil answered these questions very nicely.

After speaking in the morning, Selçuk Ermaya, Full Stack Developer, told us JavaScript Framework. Erman Kaya, who is said to be a full stack developer working briefly, formally informed us in a very intensive way. His speech and narration were very beautiful and restful.


For evening talk, Assistant Professor Doctor Fatoş Karahasan of Writer and Bilgi University came. The presentation also had 10 videos and they gave us valuable information from the videos. I would like to thank Fatoş Karahasan for this valuable presentation.

I also thank you very much. I have received the best blogging award of the past week, based on the blogs I wrote here. I also wanted to share this happy news with you.

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