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15th Day in Microsoft

Today there is a bit of excitement on Friday and the presentation day, but it’s not like the first days. People are much more comfortable when they are accustomed to doing something. The first time to give a presentation to 100 people was frightening but now it seems very normal and I am not excited about grams. There is light happiness as it is the last day of the week and I will sleep very well tomorrow. For the morning presentation, General Elctric CEO Canan Özsoy came. He first mentioned his education. In fact, when ÖSYM took the exam, he also recorded the grade. He always wanted medicine and medicine, but most of the time he put a dentist in the dentist to see what happens. I also mentioned my earlier writings. I also say an OSYM victory, or do I say fate, but everyone in front of the medical writing Canan Ozsoy dentistry gained. He returned to Turkey to marry abroad to continue his education and got married after. When a clinic started working there, the patients had blond hair with blond hair and the patients thought of themselves as German and they said “a doctor came from Germany” and they did very good work. She had to move her clinic home because she was a child afterwards. Half of the clinic used the clinic and the other half used it as a place to stay. After a while she realized that she did not enjoy this work because she was a woman who was very sincere and likes to talk and she entered a company as Marketing Manager on her husband’s advice. Later, after doing great things in France and America, he returned to my country. I remember clearly everything you told me why, but I can not write it all here. She expressed herself so well that she would tell me for hours and listen without hesitation. She loves to talk. At one point, she said that she had chatted for 20 minutes with a lady pressing the wrong number.

Following the morning presentation, Emrah Uslu, one of the MVPs for technical training, went on stage to study Microservices. Since it was the day of the presentation today and everyone was in a lecture presentation, he started to cut short and watch our presentations. We had 1.5 minutes this week and we were asked to tell our project through the demo. It’s been a long time since I was ordered by name. I think your presentation is good. Demom was very good, but I got criticism about design. we want to solve it as soon as possible and get out of the high places. The presentations ended early about 1.30 hours and we made some further progress on our projects.


There was nobody around for the evening presentation. Behice Funda has come up with a video conference call when she comes to talk about not coming to Barış Özcan. It was a surprise to us. In fact, they made Barış Ozcan for what we wanted. I did not quite know him, but there were people who knew him, and he was very desired. Barış Ozcan working in America talked about the living conditions there. He was asked about how the initiatives grew, how he got into YouTube, and whether he would write books. Barış Özcan sincerely and long responded. We thank you for joining the Microsoft Summer School.


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