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19th Day in Microsoft

As we move into the last 2 days, we really understand the value of this place many times. We do not want it to ever end. Even if we only listen to the speakers, your thoughts will change your mind and your life is enough to motive. You understand very well that if you refuse somewhere, you should continue. Today’s morning speaker was IBM General Manager Defne Tozan with us. If you’re inviting IBM to be a competitor for Microsoft, that’s for us. Because at some point they were really tight. Shuan is still so thankful to Microsoft, who called IBM General Manager. Defne Tozan told us that IBM is now out of the personal computer market, selling this part to Lenovo and turning to the cloud. I do not think any of us know IBM’s Watson. For those who do not know, Watson is an artificial intelligence and perhaps the most artificial intelligence ever. Defne Tozan talked about these issues and mentioned that he would not need doctors anymore. I do not even count drivers. Although not developed in our country, auto pilots have developed very much in America. You can see driverless vehicles on every side. I think artificial intelligence will be very nice for us as long as the use is good. It depends on how you use the lacquer.

After the morning talk was over, we had to make a screening for tomorrow because it was difficult for 100 people to make a presentation to juries in one day. So, in the morning everyone started making presentations for their own project. For the presentation sequence, random presentations began after the alphabetical first. Know who came out first when randomly selected. Of course I am. It was actually better for me. Because I did not have to watch my other friends and get tense. I made my presentation. We had about 2.5 minutes. I made the presentation. Behice Funda said in the Bussines Canvas Model, explain how to draw users and explain the income model. So I was going to wait for the results to be announced. There were really very nice ideas projects. Of course, not all of them have been done, but it will be very nice. When the results were announced, I was presented with the presentation the next day and I was chosen. I was a little nervous when my last name was told. I will remember Hasret Soysal from here with “Oscar goes to Ömer Sezer“.

Özge Ersu came for the evening talk. Maybe you know him. There is no place he does not travel. Before Microsoft’s big final tomorrow, we called for such an activity speaker to have our minds scattered and a little further away from technology. Ozge Ersu‘s 80 minute World Tour presentation was very nice indeed. There is so much to tell when there is no place to travel. For example, the Japanese people do not like tattooed people at all, they see very humiliating. They said they did not even get the same bath. 40 minutes in 2 sessions. Özge Ersu has books and radio documents. If you want to listen, you can follow.

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