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Swift Variables

The most important part of a language is the part of variables. In fact, almost every other variable is similar. Variables in Swift are almost identical to both C # and Java. Usually you can define a variable using var. This is actually the easiest way. There may be a slight difference in size, but I do not think it will have much effect when I see today’s hardware. You may not recognize it as follows.

var isim = "Omer"
var sayi1 = 2

As you can see, I can define and manipulate variables without putting semicolons. Using variables in Swift can be a bit strange. To assign variables to another variable, we need to insert a backslash and enclose it in parentheses.

var degisken = "Degiskenler : \(isim) sayı değişkeni \(sayi1)"

You can define variables in this way and you can also use it in another way. If you do not get used to it in the beginning, we will definitely get used to it later.

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