Swift Generic Service

Hello friends, in this article we will talk about how to create a generic service with Swift. With a generic service structure, we can easily change and manage it when we change something extra in the future. We can make service requests with less code. In the application where we list music, movies, applications and […]

Swift Switch Case

One of the most important features in programming languages is decision making. Switch Case is the most used in decision making. Java and C # are different again according to Swift. We have also mentioned the decision of İf Else, which is a spontaneous decision structure in our previous courses. In this article, I will […]

Swift Var and Let

Defining variables is one of the top priorities in a programming language. Because we keep almost all the values different. There are two easiest ways to do this in Swift let and var you can easily define variables with variables. The difference between these two types of variables is that if you ask, what is […]

Swift Variables

The most important part of a language is the part of variables. In fact, almost every other variable is similar. Variables in Swift are almost identical to both C # and Java. Usually you can define a variable using var. This is actually the easiest way. There may be a slight difference in size, but […]