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Swift Adding Icon

Our mobile applications also have a very important icon in terms of first impression. Twitter, Facebook, Microsoft, Apple, I think that the logos of these companies come directly to the icons. In this article, I will talk about how to use Swift to change the icon of my mobile application.

Of course you need to have an icon first to change the icon. Once you’ve created your icon, you need to make a separate icon for each iOS device. Instead you’ll be on a site that is very useful. With this site, your icon gives you the resolution of every size for both Android and iOS. You can get it here. Drag and drop your icon onto the toast machine icon. Then wait a few seconds and type in your e-mail address. All sizes are available for all platforms, and your icon will arrive by e-mail.

After we prepare our icons, we get our Assets.xcassets file in our project. There’s the AppIcon section here. The files contained here will be the icon of our project. The point you need to pay attention to is; different resolutions of different devices. So there are many different options. Thanks to the website, we match the icons we created and leave them on. This is our process.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email or comment.

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