Xamarin Forms Parallax

As I mentioned in my earlier writings, design is the most important feature in a mobile application. I will also talk about Parallax in this article to make the design better. What is this, Parallax? if you will ask; Parallax is a feature that allows your vision to slip when you’re up and down in […]


Hi, I am going to talk about how to write native applications for iOS with Xamarin in my current article. First we need to create an application. After creating the application, we need a Mac device, of course, to do the operations. When creating the project, the opposite screen appears as below. Now we have […]

Xamarin iOS Launch Screen

The opening part of the applications is very important in terms of aesthetics. The user scales from the first view to the application. For this, we have Splash Screen on Android and Launch Screen on iOS. First we open our project. Here we come to the iOS layer. I have a file called LauncScreen.Storyboard. When […]

Mac Connection with Visual Studio

One of the main reasons for using Xamarin is that we do not work cross-platform. This is the side that separates Xamarin from other platforms. We can compile Android and UWP platforms very easily. It is not so easy for us to say this for loser iOS. We need to have a MacOS device for […]

Xamarin Installation

I also wrote about what happened to Xamarin earlier. Xamarin Windows users use Visual Studio, Mac users can use Visual Studio for Mac. Windows users can download it here. If you want to use it for free, it will be your benefit to download the Community version, but if you are a student, Microsoft offers […]