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Hi, I am going to talk about how to write native applications for iOS with Xamarin in my current article. First we need to create an application. After creating the application, we need a Mac device, of course, to do the operations. When creating the project, the opposite screen appears as below.

Now we have to make a decision here. iOS App (Xamarin) option and iOS XAML App (Xamarin.Forms) option. What do you mean? The iOS App (Xamarin) part of these options is as follows; If you have already developed an application with XCode, there is a file called Main.Storyboard. You can create your pages and make designs through this file. In addition to this, you create a class for each page, and then you do your processing here. You can make the design part easily with drag and drop. There are all the tools you see here. You can drag and drop any of these into the page’s design. Then, if you want to get these tools from your classroom, you need to do it for it; you can come to the properties of the tool and give it the name you want in the name part under the Identity part. Thus, you can call this name from your classroom and find it by car.

Here you can call it with your own names as you see it, and create a function.

Now the second option that comes face to face while creating the project. In this option, we write the application as if working with Xamarin.Forms. Already when the project occurs two layers of antiquity are coming out. The Shared project type that we used in Xamarin.Forms in one of these layers comes up. You are doing the design again with xaml. Like Xamarin.Forms you know.

It is entirely up to you how to develop the application here. If you only develop applications on iOS and you have written Xamarin Forms applications, you are more likely. You can choose the second option. But if you have an interest in application development with swift from XCode, choose the first option. The decision is entirely up to you. If you develop with Lakin Xamarin Forms, you will benefit from adding other systems.

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