Hi, I am going to talk about how to write native applications for iOS with Xamarin in my current article. First we need to create an application. After creating the application, we need a Mac device, of course, to do the operations. When creating the project, the opposite screen appears as below. Now we have […]

2nd Day in Microsoft

I went to the Renaissance Hotel at 8 am with my mental exhaustion, which I had given on the first day, but I was more enthusiastic and hungry. Obviously there is a saying that people who read computer often become asocial. I watched it in my own department, and from here I thought it would […]

1st Day in Microsoft

I applied before I applied to Microsoft, not from my choice, but from my frustration. Because I never expected to be chosen. I woke up one morning and I took a shower and took a video and actually wrote a project that was long in my head. One month later, Behice Funda and İbrahim Kıvanç […]