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2nd Day in Microsoft

I went to the Renaissance Hotel at 8 am with my mental exhaustion, which I had given on the first day, but I was more enthusiastic and hungry. Obviously there is a saying that people who read computer often become asocial. I watched it in my own department, and from here I thought it would be a month for everyone to bury their head on their computer, but not at all. I have spoken with 70 of 100 attendees. Everyone is interacting with each other and everyone is listening to each other’s projects and giving ideas to the other person. This opens both the opinion holder and the opponent’s horizon. We made our breakfast and we were out at 8:45.

Today’s first vice speaker of Microsoft Turkey General Director of the National Technology Consultant Onur Koç. He talked about how to get here, how career planning should be done, and what a new graduate should pay attention to when choosing the first job. He emphasized that creative people are in education at a young age and that those who think differently can be more creative.

After Onur Koç‘s presentation, İbrahim Kıvanç, a Software Development Engineer, gave a presentation on application development technologies. In this presentation, we were the first to trust. Later, he told the slides that were also found on his site. You can access the slides here. The fact that the Comfort Zone can be up to one time actually told me that if you are uncomfortable your life should also change something. In fact, those who think you’re hurt by the fact that you’re always working. When I was working in college six days a week, he told me that he only took one day off. He also said that you should not be technology enthusiasts. Because today someone who knows programming language is only focused on that language and people who want to learn speak only one without knowing the advantages of other languages. Each programming language has drawbacks relative to itself and platforms.

İbrahim Kivanc also talked about the sites, sources and sites that will help us while developing the application. I can leave them like this:

I also have 2 projects I have worked on. I will also share with you one of these applications I developed using Xamarin. Stay on track.

After the afternoon, our lecturer was the founder of Istventures Zafer Parlar. He started by telling his education first. He studied at the university in the Netherlands and worked here every opportunity. Then Nike returned to the country to open in Turkey. He spent most of his life in the air himself. He has her own way of expression. He speaks fluently, both sympathetically and funny. After becoming successful in the Nike name of a legend which never not sell Nike products in Turkey is out of the 2nd series was an isolated case in Europe. Zafer Parlar As an investor, we were also keen to be entrepreneurs and we asked what kind of entrepreneurs would you consider and we got very good answers. The day ended with Zafer Parlar‘s speech.


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