Hi, I am going to talk about how to write native applications for iOS with Xamarin in my current article. First we need to create an application. After creating the application, we need a Mac device, of course, to do the operations. When creating the project, the opposite screen appears as below. Now we have […]

Xamarin Uploading Photos and Videos to the Server

Hello. In today’s writing, we will talk about a topic that is on almost every major project. If you want to upload photos to our application or choose to interact with other users online after you select a photo, we need to store it in a server or database. We can do this using the […]

Xamarin Rounded Entry

One of the most challenging issues when working with cross-platfrom in Xamarin is design. For example, when we check an entry, we can not say that the project has a lot of appeal when we look at the design. We must write Custom Renderer for each platform by taking advantage of the script we wrote […]