SQL Server Saving Changes is not Permitted Error

We usually get this error when we create and save a table in the database and then try to rearrange it. The solution is actually very simple. After I saved the table, I took it while trying to change a table’s property. To do this, you need to enter the settings from SQL Server Management […]

Xamarin Forms Camera ( Media.Plugin )

I will talk to you about the solution of a mistake I have often taken in this writing recently. Especially recently, we had to give a few more details to include the Media.Plugin, which we used in Xamarin Forms to shoot videos and photos, into the project. If I did not make these settings, my […]

Xamarin iOS Opening Locaiton

You may also want to use maps in your Xamarin Forms applications. Maybe you want to get the location information of the person here. For this you need to get permission from the phone that the application is installed. I showed you how to do this for Android. In this article I will talk about […]