Swift Creating Pin

Hello friends. In this article, I will talk about an activity that we will frequently use in mappings. I’m talking about making pins. In order to show a place in the maps we need to indicate a symbol on it. We call it pin. We showed how we were going to be in Xamarin. In […]

Xamarin Forms Checking Location

You may want to use location services in your mobile applications. For this, GPS must be turned on first. The user may forget it or we may want to get information from location services anywhere but the user may not know it. For this and other reasons, in this article I will tell you how […]

Xamarin iOS Opening Locaiton

You may also want to use maps in your Xamarin Forms applications. Maybe you want to get the location information of the person here. For this you need to get permission from the phone that the application is installed. I showed you how to do this for Android. In this article I will talk about […]