Xamarin ListView Lazy Loading

Hello friends. In this article, we will talk about how to add data as the user descends without loading all of the data when using List View with Xamarin. This is a process that is used especially in all large applications. For example, you will see new posts or tweets as you scroll down in […]

Xamarin Forms Gif Loading Icon

Hi friends in this article we will talk about how to add gif to our mobile application. Design is very important for our applications. If you are tired of using an activity indicator you can get over it with a gif. Not only the loading icon, you can also get beautiful screens in design. It’s […]

Xamarin Forms Waiting Icon

One of the most important features in applications is usability. We may also have to wait for your mobile applications whether you are exchanging data from web services or working locally. You need to understand this too. For example, if you are recording data in a database, your internet speed may be long, so you […]