Xamarin Forms Instagram Tasarımı

Hello friends. In this article I will talk about how to design an Instagram with Xamarin Forms. Designing with Xamarin Forms is more difficult than drag and drop design. I really wanted it to be an example for beginners by not being so difficult and designing the screens of large applications. Below is the current […]

C# Delegate

The delegation of the dictatorship stands out as a delegate to the Turkish counterpart. In this article we will talk about Delegates used in many projects. First of all, if we want to explain its purpose, we can say that delegates are method holders. Delegates are constructs that can hold the addresses of the methods […]

Xamarin Forms Camera ( Media.Plugin )

I will talk to you about the solution of a mistake I have often taken in this writing recently. Especially recently, we had to give a few more details to include the Media.Plugin, which we used in Xamarin Forms to shoot videos and photos, into the project. If I did not make these settings, my […]

Swift Show Error and Using Display Action Sheet

In your project, you should display an easy-to-select and easy-to-view screen when the user performs a mistake or offers many options. The best way to do this is to use Alert and Display Action Sheet. These functions, which are very easy to use in Xamarin, are a bit more challenging to use on Swift. You […]

Swift Switch Case

One of the most important features in programming languages is decision making. Switch Case is the most used in decision making. Java and C # are different again according to Swift. We have also mentioned the decision of İf Else, which is a spontaneous decision structure in our previous courses. In this article, I will […]

Swift Var and Let

Defining variables is one of the top priorities in a programming language. Because we keep almost all the values different. There are two easiest ways to do this in Swift let and var you can easily define variables with variables. The difference between these two types of variables is that if you ask, what is […]

Swift Using If Else

Decision making is one of the most important features of a programming language. thanks to these constructs we can decide where the final result will be in our practice. The if-else structure, which is almost the same in programming languages like C # and Java, is a bit different in Swift than in others. In […]

Swift Outlet and Action

Hello. In this article I will talk about outlet and action differences for friends who have just started Swift. Actually, this difference is so simple that sometimes it can get us in trouble. Some friends may not even know where these preferences come from. I will tell from the beginning. First you need to open […]

Android Change Icon

One of the most important features in an application is design. The user is most concerned with the design and accordingly the applications will score on its head. A lot of applications that are popular today spend a lot of material and time on design. If the icon seems to be very simple in terms […]

Xamarin Forms Back Button Text

I wanted to share with you a problem here that I find it very difficult for me to find a solution. When I ran the app for iOS, it wrote the name of the previous page next to the back icon. This, in turn, caused the design to look a bit distressing. Finding the solution […]