Building a Home with ARKit

Hello friends, in this article, we will talk about how to create a home object with ARKit and display it on the screen. First of all, we need to know how to put a node on the screen. You can find this in my previous articles. First, as usual, we put a scene view on […]

Swift ARC

Hello friends, in this article we will talk about how to manage memory in Swift. How to manage memory is a very important issue in mobile programming. Despite the increase in RAM in iOS devices day by day, the importance of memory management is increasing day by day with the increase in the amount of […]

Xamarin Forms AndroidX

Hello friends. In this article, after November 2, Play Store will no longer accept applications that do not switch to AndroidX packages. That’s why we need to organize packages in our Xamarin projects. Visual Studio has made a tool to easily switch to AndroidX. When you do Migrate to AndroidX on the Android side, Visual […]