Xamarin Tool Bar Item

You may want to create items on some of your pages. You can add it to the settings item, the search bar, or whatever you need. These items that work very useful on your page can take advantage of removing the buttons that take up space. For example, we can save pages by putting them […]

Xamarin Forms Checking Location

You may want to use location services in your mobile applications. For this, GPS must be turned on first. The user may forget it or we may want to get information from location services anywhere but the user may not know it. For this and other reasons, in this article I will tell you how […]

Android Change Icon

One of the most important features in an application is design. The user is most concerned with the design and accordingly the applications will score on its head. A lot of applications that are popular today spend a lot of material and time on design. If the icon seems to be very simple in terms […]

Xamarin Forms Back Button Text

I wanted to share with you a problem here that I find it very difficult for me to find a solution. When I ran the app for iOS, it wrote the name of the previous page next to the back icon. This, in turn, caused the design to look a bit distressing. Finding the solution […]

Xamarin and Cognitive Service (Part 1)

In this article I will try to explain how to incorporate Cognitive Services in Azure into my Xamarin Forms project. First we open our project. We need to install packages in the project and we do not have to install them. After clicking on Manage Nuget Package Manager in the portable layer, we need to […]

Xamarin Forms Waiting Icon

One of the most important features in applications is usability. We may also have to wait for your mobile applications whether you are exchanging data from web services or working locally. You need to understand this too. For example, if you are recording data in a database, your internet speed may be long, so you […]

Xamarin iOS Opening Locaiton

You may also want to use maps in your Xamarin Forms applications. Maybe you want to get the location information of the person here. For this you need to get permission from the phone that the application is installed. I showed you how to do this for Android. In this article I will talk about […]

Xamarin Forms iOS Toast Message

In my previous article, I explained how toast messages for Android. In this article, I will refer to a topic that is not much available on the internet. In fact, many nuget packages available to create toast messages may not seem to go into the present lukewarm views or output. That’s why the toast message […]

Xamarin Forms iOS Adding Hamburger Menu

Hello. You may want to add a Master Detail Page in your Xamarin Forms project. This page, which is very useful, is so complicated to use. Because there are so many features. I’m going to talk about a topic I’m having difficulty with in this writing. The most important reason for us to use Master […]

Xamarin Forms Toast Message

Sometimes in your applications you can request a short message on the screen. You do not have to call the user for this. When you give a message with DisplayAlert, the user has to touch the screen once again in order to pass this message. We can print the message with a Toast instead. This […]