Xamarin Forms Currency Application

Hello friends. In this article, we will make a simple application with Xamarin Forms. In this application, we will instantly take the exchange rates from a website and show them on the screen. At the same time, there will be a refresh feature in the list, so that every time we renew it, it will receive the data again.

It is a simple mobile application. We will use the data of BTCTurk to get currency data. You can access the web service from here.

Then we will make a simple design. We will create a screen and assign ListView to this screen. With this List View, we will show the data from the service on the screen. I used ListView here because I created it in Xamarin Forms project, but you can customize it according to the platform you wrote. The main thing here is to pull data from a service. Simply, my screen design is as follows.

We actually used a ListView and an Acitivity Indicator here. We will use the data we receive in this ListView. On the other hand, Activity Indicator is used to draw data from the service to indicate to the user that we have done something in the background. There are 4 fields in ListView. These; It has the name, the highest value, the lowest value and the current value.

As the last operation, we renew the data every time we renew ListView. The application briefly works as follows:

The cs part of the project is as follows;

The service part is a simple structure like this:

If there are friends who have questions, they can reach me by e-mail or comment. Good work everyone.

You can access the project from Github link.

4 thoughts on “Xamarin Forms Currency Application

  1. Merhaba paylaşımınız için teşekkür ederim. xamarin.forms ile android ve ios’ta arka pilanda watsapp gibi çalışacak bşr servis alt yapısı ile mi yazdınız öyle ise kodları inceleyeceğim ve çok işime yarayacak. Bir çok kod inceledim bir haftadır uğraşıyorum olmadı. Yardımınızı rica ediyorum.

    1. Selam Mehmet,

      Şu anda bu kod sadece uygulama açıkken çalışıyor ve sayfa ilk yüklendiginde ayrıca listeyi yenilerken calisiyor. Yapmak istediğin şeyi tam olarak soylersen daha çok yardımcı olabilirim.

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