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17th Day in Microsoft

We were trying to leave early and come back early and say how much time we spend here during the day. We were in the office early in the morning. We saw that there was an envelope on every table we entered. When we turned it on, there was something about QR codes. We could not make sense. When the morning speaker comes in, it’s a bit lighter. BKM (Inter-Bank Card Center) CEO Soner Canko has arrived. They started this job years ago when there was no relationship between the bank cards and seeing the gap. Shan also said that they have become a very big company, Soner Canko also talks about what they will do next. Having withdrawn PayPal from our country, a question has been raised about whether they will take steps here because of a big market opening in this area, but it is a dream for them. Speaking of his huge investments in security, Soner Canko ended his speech with blockchain. Asked if there was any idea about this issue, and a number of fingers would arise. All of you will be in the future because your future is transfer. We thank him for this conversation. He even mentioned that there was a booklet for the gift of the book, even to small donations to social institutions in the morning. “Imagine today, make a difference tomorrow

Bayram Oğulcan came as an educator after his speech in the morning. Today’s training will also be taught in Power BI. Power BI is a business intelligence. Business Intelligence means. It’s actually a service you can use in every application. You can view your data in all kinds of tables. Its usage is also very simple. Some of our friends used the project. I will also integrate my own project in the future because I want to know how the users are. Bayram Ogulcan made a related demo with us. We have seen once again that its use is quite simple.

After this training was over we went together for lunch. There are so many varieties at lunch time, and it is very nice. I could say that the first 3 days have never looked for lunches we spent at the hotel. When we entered last week, we just ate the food and headed to our computers. Some of our friends were having questions about Xamarin and sometimes I was looking at them. I had to do a few more additions to my project, but I knew it would not be enough in time. After that, we could spend more time with our own projects in the Microsoft office because there would be no training. I added the feature of project maps today.

Even though the trainings were over, the speakers continued to come. Again, a great guest everyone has come to know. Levent Erden. A warm and friendly person. No one can say anything to his great talk, but he was kind enough to talk to us on television. I liked it so much. First he talked about his own life. At a very young age he became General Manager of Pepsi Co. At such a young age, it depends on the terms of the term to be general manager. Because at that time the country was very bad and almost every friend he read had settled in Europe or America. Levent Erden talked about the fact that our country has had a lot of difficult times and that he has won over competition with Muhtar Kent, the general manager of Coca Cola, the rival company. It really amazes me that people of this age are so intertwined with technology. There is news from every kind of technology. When a friend talks about digital conversion, he says it’s a digital conversion.

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