How to Use Realm with Swift

Hello friends, in this article we will talk about what is Realm and how to use it. When developing mobile applications with iOS, we often need to store some data on the user’s device. While this is very simple data at times, it can go as far as establishing a database at other times. At […]

Xamarin Online Database Operations with Web Service [Part 3]

We have come to the last part of the process that we will do with our online database with Xamarin. So far we have created a Mobile App Quickstart project in Azure. In this project, we created a database to use SQL, not SQLite, and added a table here. In the last part, we are […]

Xamarin Online Database Operations with Web Service [Part 2]

As I noted in Part 1, the data link page we clicked on will say “SQLite can not be used for efficient production”. We need to add a data link from this page. We will add a SQL database by pressing the “Add” button. The database creation page is displayed when we click on the […]

Xamarin Online Database Operations with Web Service [Part 1]

As we mentioned in our previous article, an internet-free application is almost unthinkable. We need a database to store users, to keep the information of the user, to keep all kinds of information. The simplest thing is to make a game and take the score data of this game and compare it with other people. […]

Edit the Online Database in SQL Server Management Studio

You may want to organize your databases that you have opened in Azure. We need a program for this. To meet this and create a database locally, Microsoft offers us the SQL Server Management Studio. It is a program I think will help us a lot when we keep our data regularly, organize our tables, find the data […]

Xamarin Online Database (Basic)

Nowadays, without the internet we can not think an app. Except the simple app almost every app need a database. Because users may want to hide the data and offer the actions which users will enjoy in the future. For that we need the keep our data on an online database. Azure show that with […]