Xamarin Forms Parallax

As I mentioned in my earlier writings, design is the most important feature in a mobile application. I will also talk about Parallax in this article to make the design better. What is this, Parallax? if you will ask; Parallax is a feature that allows your vision to slip when you’re up and down in […]

Xamarin and Cognitive Service (Part 1)

In this article I will try to explain how to incorporate Cognitive Services in Azure into my Xamarin Forms project. First we open our project. We need to install packages in the project and we do not have to install them. After clicking on Manage Nuget Package Manager in the portable layer, we need to […]

Xamarin iOS Opening Locaiton

You may also want to use maps in your Xamarin Forms applications. Maybe you want to get the location information of the person here. For this you need to get permission from the phone that the application is installed. I showed you how to do this for Android. In this article I will talk about […]