Xamarin Forms Twitter Design

Hello friends. In this article we will talk about how to design Twitter with Xamarin Forms. Design issue is one of the most challenging issues in Xamarin Forms. People are afraid of Xamarin Forms because there are not too many resources. Previously we made the screen of Instagram’s home screen and the home screen. In […]

Xamarin Using ListView

You may be receiving data from internet or you may want to keep tour data in a sequential order. To do this, you need to export your data to list and print it on the screen using a ListView in Xamarin. I will talk about this in my article today. First we open a project. With this project […]

Xamarin Layout

One of the most important issues in Xamarin is page layouts. It must be very well known in terms of design. Otherwise you may face a disgusting design. For this, Xamarin offers us 9 Layouts. You can use the 9 layouts below, depending on what layout you want. Content Presenter Content View Scroll View Frame  […]