Xamarin Forms Instagram Tasarımı

Hello friends. In this article I will talk about how to design an Instagram with Xamarin Forms. Designing with Xamarin Forms is more difficult than drag and drop design. I really wanted it to be an example for beginners by not being so difficult and designing the screens of large applications. Below is the current […]

Visual Studio Change Project Name

Sometimes you might have opened your projects with a ridiculous name and continued over it. But instead of opening a new project for the rest of the future, it would be more logical to change the name of the existing project. That’s what I’m going to talk about today. To change the name of your […]

Xamarin Tool Bar Item

You may want to create items on some of your pages. You can add it to the settings item, the search bar, or whatever you need. These items that work very useful on your page can take advantage of removing the buttons that take up space. For example, we can save pages by putting them […]

Installing Visual Studio For Mac

If you have a MacOS device and want to develop software with Microsoft technologies, or if you are dealing with a mobile application developer or Xamarin, you have to install Visual Studio For Mac. Of course, it will make you feel much more comfortable with Visual Studio than with Windows. Visual Studio for Mac, which […]

Xamarin iOS Opening Locaiton

You may also want to use maps in your Xamarin Forms applications. Maybe you want to get the location information of the person here. For this you need to get permission from the phone that the application is installed. I showed you how to do this for Android. In this article I will talk about […]

Xamarin iOS Launch Screen

The opening part of the applications is very important in terms of aesthetics. The user scales from the first view to the application. For this, we have Splash Screen on Android and Launch Screen on iOS. First we open our project. Here we come to the iOS layer. I have a file called LauncScreen.Storyboard. When […]

Mac Connection with Visual Studio

One of the main reasons for using Xamarin is that we do not work cross-platform. This is the side that separates Xamarin from other platforms. We can compile Android and UWP platforms very easily. It is not so easy for us to say this for loser iOS. We need to have a MacOS device for […]

Installation Play Store to Emulator

When you develop a mobile app, you need to have it installed in your Google Play Store emulator so you can take advantage of Google’s apps. Because it’s a Maps app or another app, the Play Store must be installed. We need to install ourselves in the emulators for this. We need to download the […]

(Turkish) Xamarin Live Player Kullanımı

Xamarin Live Player, projenizde yaptığınız tasarımsal değişikliklerin telefonunuzda canlı olarak ön izlemenizi sağlayan bir özelliktir. Sayfa tasarlarken çok hızlı bir şekilde yaptığınız değişiklikleri görmeniz sebebiyle çok kullanışlı olacaktır. Bunun için öncelikle hangi telefonda bu özelliği kullanmanız gerektiğini belirlemeniz gerekiyor. Ardından telefon mağazasına girip Xamarin Live Player uygulamasını indirmeniz gerekmekte. Şuanda beta sürümü olarak gösterilmekte ama […]