3rd Day in Microsoft

We are at the Renaissance Hotel again at 08:45 in the morning. It’s our last day here. Microsoft issues had been resolved in Turkey. It was actually a very nice hotel. It was also for study. At the same time, Hugodaki Tolga in the lobby should see his brother. The tires of the day before 05:30 in the morning are all until the presentation starts. Because it is really keeping a close eye on the technology, listening to the lives of successful people, making inferences according to oneself, hearing new ideas and taking all the tiredness and leaving a great enthusiasm. Working people win.

The morning speech started with the presentation of Behice Funda‘s Methods of Persuasion. For example, you are staying in a lift with a big business man and trying to sell your idea. It started with a game like how you can do it. In fact, everyone has an idea, project, but it was difficult to express it. Everyone figured out how to express your project at heart. Because when you join entrepreneurial competitions without prototypes, you actually sell your idea. So it is really important that you can express yourself. Behice Funda actually suggested how to attract the attention of the other person and excite him. Because we really need to draw the attention of the person we present our project and excite it as much as we do.


The next speaker was Barbaros Günay. Barbaros Günay Shuan is also in America and works at Microsoft. Presentation titles Enterprise Services, Life Cycle and Role Definitions. He talked about tasks in real life and business life. He talked about the difficulties he faced during his work, how he overcame these difficulties and how he achieved them. When we return to the past by giving examples from Steve Jobs‘ speeches, we understand some things more easily when we combine points.


After the speech of Barbaros Günay, he continued with the presentation of Alper Sogukpınar‘s Agile Methadology. In this presentation, it was explained by comparing the advantages and disadvantages of the developments of the companies with the metadology and the metadology while developing an application. The application development metaphor called Agile allows the product to get out quickly and get more robust by taking feedback. In this presentation, which projects were developed with which meta-dolojildir, scrumums were talking about roles.


This speech comes after Nur Zenginel scenes from Microsoft Turkey team. He’s telling us about DevOps. DevOps is talking about how it works and how it works. I will briefly mention what remains in my mind; DevOps interact with each other and work together. This means that software developers and system administrators work together. After this talk, we eat the last lunch at the hotel. Tomorrow we’ll go to the Microsoft office in Turkey.

Everyone gets excited after lunch. Because everyone will tell their project about 100 people in front of a jury. We are called by name. In fact, it is a good idea to listen to ideas and find solutions to the needs of the world with technology. It opens your mind. I was a little thrilled when it came to me, but it took me a long time to get through the excitement. Everybody had a minute to talk. This is how it happened this day.

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