4th Day in Microsoft

At the end of this morning, we could switch to Microsoft Turkey office. The 3 days spent at the hotel is very nice, but if you are a company like Microsoft, you want to be integrated with technology. At the entrance we were given the identities we prepared earlier. The office environment looked very nice. XBOXs, table tennis halls, billiard places, terrace floors, sitting places were all great.

Cisco Turkey General Manager Cenk is a speaker in the morning came the spark. The ones that are not related to technology do not know very well. Cenk Kıvılcım started by telling the story of Cisco’s emergence. In order to inspire us, the speakers generally talk about what they have done in the past and what they regret. Cenk Kıvılcım talked about these. Also, almost every speaker who spoke about the choice of mentor. The master of the eschin is mentoring the apprentice relationship. He mentioned that the Mentor selection played a big role in business life. Cenk Kıvılcım, which has to be out of the constant swallow for work, has to stay in the hotels. He liked it instead of complaining. Because the real achievement is to love the secret business.


After the talk of Cenk Kıvılcım was over, Yiğit Özaksüt, one of the people I followed most often came. It is also one of the 36 MVPs in Turkey. We were going to study for the first time in 4 days. I had previously listened to Yiğit Özaksüt’s Xamarin lessons, but today he came to talk about the basics of C #. In the beginning, it started to sink deeply as it went a little basic. Among the topics he showed me was that I was having a bit of a difficult time with the Web API. I made a sample project, I got to know better by asking the questions that arise in my head. As of 11 o’clock, the training started at 5 o’clock. I can say that it is very productive from my point of view, I already knew the way of narration because I was watching the lessons. In addition, Xamarin is also recommended for those who want to learn, absolutely must follow. Lessons are available on Youtube channel.


As the last speaker of the day, Deputy General Manager of Deniz Bank and Board Member of Intertech came to Dilek Duman. He has been working at a young age and has proven himself in the banking sector. We use most of today’s banking practices with him and his teammates. Someone who has won a lot of prizes from abroad. While Microsoft technology was more beta version, he interviewed Bill Gates and wrote applications with .NET technology. He has a scraping word in my mind “You work for yourself, not for the institution, no matter how long you work“. The day was so well done.

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